1. Does Mariposa Homeschool Press provide any other homeschooling services? Nope. We do not provide transcripts, records, evaluations, grading, etc.  Homeschool parents are responsible for knowing and following the homeschool laws of their state or country. We just make awesome curricula and supplements.
  2. Does Mariposa Homeschool Press provide homeschooling advice? Nope. We do not provide any homeschooling consultations and will not provide individualized homeschooling advice.  There are many other homeschooling consultation companies and programs which provide those services. 
  3. Does Mariposa Homeschool Press recommend a specific homeschooling methodology such as classical, Charlotte Mason, eclectic, etc? Nope. Whatever works for your family is the best method to use.  
  4. Does Mariposa Homeschool Press provide refunds, exchanges, or returns? Nope.  All sales are final.  Our products are entirely digital and we will not provide refunds, exchanges, or returns.
  5. Does this FAQ page only have questions with the answer, “Nope?” Nope. But we are feeling a little judged…better add an open-ended question. 
  6. Does Mariposa Homeschool Press make secular or religious products? We do not make religious products.  If there are religious themes in the products, they will be informative and/or addressing important topics in Latino culture and history. For example, there may be information in the religious practices on the Wari Culture or products on Our Lady of Guadalupe, but there will be no proselytizing in our products.  The products are generally speaking, non-religious or secular. Every family is responsible for discerning the religious preferences of their homeschool. 
  7. What ages are your products intended for?  Each product description will include the age recommendations.  
  8. We have questions about the products.  Who do we contact with our questions?  Too easy. Email us at hello@mariposahomeschoolpress.com 
  9. I want to debate one of the dates on your timeline because I have a really important source Mariposa Homeschool Press needs to read! How do I get a hold of someone? We want to read your really important source!!! Send it to the same email address above ⬆️! 
  10. Oh my goodness! Who designed and copy edited all your products? I have to know! We are so glad you asked.  The genius behind the design of all Mariposa Homeschool Press products is none other than author and blogger Monica Olivera aka Mommy Maestra! You can find all of her amazing products and books on her https://www.mommymaestra.com/ Monica also has a TeachersPayTeachers shop which you should definitely check out. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Mommymaestra
  11. Does Mommy Maestra know there are FAQs about her on the Mariposa Homeschool Press website? Nope. I wonder how long it takes for her to notice…