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Homeschool Parents,

Welcome to Mariposa Homeschool Press! 

What is Mariposa Homeschool Press?

Mariposa Homeschool Press is an e-publishing company committed to developing and selling homeschooling curricula and supplements focusing on the history of Latin America and Latinos in the United States. We develop and sell our own PDF curricula for families to easily access recommended online resources with the latest research and information including links to articles, YouTube, podcasts, and more. 

Here, you will find supplements for your homeschool history program that focus on Latino history and culture.  

Here, you will find reviews of books and resources for your homeschool which present Latino history and culture with accuracy and respect. You will also find reviews of those books and resources which do not

Here, you will find homeschooling encouragement, especially for Latino families because we have an important place in the homeschooling community.  

Here, you will find a team of strong, intelligent Latina homeschooling mothers who want you to know we have seen our history and culture neglected by homeschool curriculum companies.  We have seen our history and culture reduced to side bars in history books.  We have seen the weak and clumsy attempts to include some Latino history and culture in the curricula on the market, only to get it entirely wrong.  

Here, you will find our humble attempt to bring to light the stories, people, and places, normally left out of curricula and homeschool programs.  Latino history is worthy of study, and not just from the arrival of the Europeans, but our whole story from the beginning.  We hope you will use the products from Mariposa Homeschool Press to share with your family the important contributions of our peoples.  

An Important Message For Latino Families

There is an ongoing debate over which terms to use when referring to our culture.  Do we use Latino? Latine? LatinX? Hispanic?  There are compelling arguments on all sides of this issue and rather than impose our personal preferences on your family, we encourage you to use the term you are comfortable with in your household.  For the sake of consistency, we will use Latino/a; however, if you are more comfortable using LatinX, Latine, Hispanic, etc. in your household, by all means, use it.  For historical accuracy, we will try to be as specific as possible when describing a particular culture, civilization, nation, etc. in our products.  

Final Message For All Families

We have made every attempt to use the correct spelling, be as historically accurate as possible, and be respectful to the peoples and cultures we are studying. 

There will likely be mistakes, as many dates and discoveries are still being studied and debated, but please be aware they are unintentional.  Archaeology and history are beautiful but fluid disciplines where there is a lot of analysis and rarely ever complete consensus.  It is our sincere wish that one day we have to update and refine our products as our knowledge and understanding of the history and cultures of Latin America and Latinos grow.  And so our journey begins with our foundational product, our timeline.

With a hopeful heart,

The Mariposa Homeschool Press Team

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